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Centralized Fume Collector System

(Fume Collector)

Our Fume Collector System Eliminates 99% Of Metal Welding/Cutting Particles And Fumes Of Sizes PM0.3 Or Larger.

Remove Fumes and Smoke From Your Work Place

Developed specifically for dust and fume filtration in welding, cutting, grinding and polishing. Never see smoke in your workspace again.
Compact design that allows filter unit, motorized fan, control system as well as pre-treatment device to be all in one single unit, saving you vital space.
Uses premium grade PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene) coated filter cartridges to effectively remove dust and welding fumes.

One Unit. Multiple Extraction Points.

A single High Performance Fume Collector extracts the fumes discharged by several welding stations through a hooded duct system.

We use Premium Grade PTFE Filter Cartridges

Collector Unit Features

Guiding plate at air inlet helps to evenly spread dusty air flow, reduce air resistance, and prevent cartridges from damage caused by large particles.
Proprietary easy-to-install cartridge and mechanical lifting device of dust bin makes maintenance very simple. Also a cone inside the cartridge that enhances dedusting efficiency by 30% and more.
Dis-mounting cartridges is by a simple rotation of the handle in replacement and maintenance. Vertical placement of cartridge makes pulse-jet dedusting more effective so as to improve cartridge use life. Pulse-jet dedusting can be set up based on time interval or pressure difference.
PLC control system offers the worker a user-friendly experience. Noise damping design that minimizes noise in the workplace.

Cartridge Filter Features

Highly efficient PTFE film which performs at least 3-5 times more than a traditional filter.
99.0% filtration efficiency for the dust that is more than 0.3 micron.
Service life can reach 8000hrs, which is twice longer than the traditional filter.

Custom Hood 
Exhaust System

Our engineers will design and build a custom hood exhaust system based on the fixed locations of your welding stations, cutting machines, or workbenches of any size.
We use only superior quality Galvanized Steel Spiral ducts and/or Stainless Steel Long Seam ducts. Available in a variety of sizes, we ensure that you get an efficient, sturdy and long lasting ducted exhaust system with minimal pressure loss.

We Design. We Install.

Every workspace is different, as such our engineers consider various factors when designing your bespoke centralized Fume Collector system. Such crucial factors include the type of welding and metal works taking place, the type of pollutants being released, and the general manner of operations in your environment.

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Get Clean Air

Get rid of fumes, pollutants, harmful gases and particles so that you can breathe safely.


Meet Safety Standards

Meet industry safety requirements for air quality and building ventilation.


Productive Workforce

Cleaner air for your workforce will leave them happier, and more productive.

Protect the Environment

Help our country tackle its serious pollution problems by reducing your emissions.

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