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Glass Bottle Manufacturing

Glass Bottle Industry Ventilation: Glass Furnace, Glass Forming, QC Area, Packing Areas etc.

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Glass Bottle Manufacturing

Glass manufacturing is a high-temperature, high energy-using process. Naturally, the heat generated in furnance areas can cause the working environment to be excessively hot. We have worked with the largest glass producers in the region to help them tackle this problem and provide a better working environment for their staff and operators.

Common Problems Faced:

Extreme heat generated by the Glass furnace process and Glass forming machine
Lack of ventilation system

our solution:

Open Space Cooling system with unique lightweight PIP ducts to direct cool air directly to worker position
Exhaust systems (ducted or non-ducted) to alleviate heat
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  • Glass Bottle Industry Ventilation

Solution's Outcome

Staff feel cooler at their working position, have access to the much needed fresh air
Greater air change takes place, the working environment feels less stagnant
Higher productivity due to the better comfort

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