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Industry-wide Applications

The ideal ventilation system you require is greatly dependent on your industry and the activities taking place in the work area. Thus, the eventual design of the ventilation system must be done so to meet your specific needs. Here you can find out how we've helped these industries overcome their heat and ventilation issues.

Automative Manufacturing

Parts Production, CNC Machine Line, Assembly Line, Finishing Area, Testing Area, etc.

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Tire Manufacturing

Chemical Mixing Area, Tire Building Areas, Tire Curing Oven Areas, Finishing Areas, etc.

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Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Cooking Vats Area, Boiling/Steaming, Retort Lines, Packing Areas, Bottling Plants, etc.

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Pet Food Manufacturing

Cooking Vats Area, Boiling/Steaming, Retort Lines, Packing Areas, etc.

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Plastic Packaging Manufacturing

Plastic Extrusions, Plastic Heating, Plastic Film Blowing, Gravure Printing, etc.

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Glass Bottle Manufacturing

Glass Furnace, Glass Forming, QC Area, Packing Areas etc.

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Metal & Steelworks

Metal Melting Furnace, Metal Mold Casting, Metal Quenching, Cutting, Grinding, Welding Areas, etc.

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Chemical Manufacturing

Mixing Area, Filling and Packing Areas, QC Areas, etc.

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Paper Manufacturing

Papermaking Process,Corrugated Process, Die Cutting, Printing, etc.

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Warehousing & Logistic Centers

Central Distribution Facilities, Storage High Racking Areas, Fast Moving Loading Zones, etc.

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Textiles Manufacturing

Garment, Fabric Production, Weaving Lines, Knitting Lines, Dyeing etc.

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Clean Rooms

Food & Beverage Production, Filling and Packing Areas, Clean Rooms that require High Levels of Filtration, etc.

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