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Industry-wide Applications

Industrial Application Examples: Evaporative Cooling System (EVAP), Ventilation System, Air Filtration System for most of Industries.

Automative Manufacturing

Parts Production, CNC Machining, Assembly Line, Finishing Area, Testing Area, etc.

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Tire Manufacturing

Chemical Mixing Area, Tire Building Areas, Tire Curing Oven Areas, Finishing Areas, etc.

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Food & Beverage

Cooking Vats Area, Boiling/Steaming, Retort Lines, Packing Areas, Bottling Plants, etc.

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Pet Food Manufacturing

Cooking Vats Area, Boiling/Steaming, Retort Lines, Packing Areas, etc.

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Plastic Packaging Manufacturing

Plastic Extrusions, Heating, Gravure Printing, etc.

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Glass Bottle Manufacturing

Glass Furnace, Glass Forming, QC Area, Packing Areas etc.

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Metal & Steelworks

Metal Melting Furnace, Metal Mold Casting, Metal Quenching, Cutting, Grinding, Welding Areas, etc.

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Chemical Manufacturing

Mixing Area, Filling and Packing Areas, QC Areas, etc.

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Pulp and Paper Manufacturing

Papermaking Process, Die Cutting, Printing, etc.

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Warehousing & Logistic Centers

Central Distribution Facilities, Storage High Racking Areas, Fast Moving Loading Zones, etc.

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Textiles Manufacturing

Garment, Fabric Production, Weaving Lines, Knitting Lines, Dying etc.

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Clean Rooms

Food & Beverage Production, Filling and Packing Areas, Clean Rooms hat require High Levels of Filtration, etc.

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