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Textiles Manufacturing

Textile Industry Ventilation: Garment, Fabric Production, Weaving Lines, Knitting Lines, Dying etc.

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Textiles Manufacturing

Excessive heat from textile manufacturing processes can often affect the large number of employees typically working ina textile production facility. Processes such as weaving an dyeing can create immense amount of heat that can drastically reduce workspace comfort.

Therefore, it is imperative to ensure each staff is provided enough cool, clean and fresh air to be able to work comfortably.

Common Problems Faced:

Overwhelming heat created by the Weaver/Knitting machine can cause staff to feel unbearably uncomfortable
Chemical vapour from the dyeing process can accumulate in the area
Lack of ventilation system

our solution:

Open Space Cooling system with unique lightweight PIP ducts to direct cool air directly to worker position
Exhaust systems (ducted or non-ducted) to alleviate the heat, smoke, and other contaminants
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  • Textile Industry Ventilation

Solution's Outcome

Staff feel cooler at their working position
Less chemical vapour trapped in the working atmosphere
Improved overall ventilation due to higher air change rates and air movement
Higher productivity due to the better comfort

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