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What are HVLS Fans?

March 18, 2022

In larger semi-indoor facilities with tall ceilings and wide-open areas, cooling the space with air conditioning is simply unfeasible, and hoping that a natural breeze rolls in through the openings just won’t cut it either. Especially if you’re in a hotter climate, the heat problem can seriously disrupt your workflow. 

What are HVLS Fans?

Enter HVLS Fans, big ceiling fans that move High Volumes of air while only spinning at Low Speeds. Until today, no other invention in history can offer the same reliably impactful solution to an age-old problem, overly hot workspaces. HVLS Fans move so much air that a single unit can cover every inch of a medium-sized warehouse or a smaller factory, transforming a previously hot workspace into a comfortable and better place to work.

Introduction to TORQ Fans

TORQ Fans send large volumes of air downwards at a speed as low as 55 RPM. When the slow-moving air column hits the ground, it changes course and creates an ‘oscillating floor jet’ that moves outward in a 360-degree direction. As the travelling air eventually meets the walls, it changes direction once again moving vertically upwards and eventually backwards – all personnel and equipment are cooled down in this tremendous amount of air circulation.

A TORQ Fan’s breeze when grazed across a person’s skin can feel up to 5°C cooler (See ASHRAE 55 Standard) than the ambient temperature – a comforting feeling that can be described like a natural ocean breeze.

Key Features

  •  Superior Air Delivery
  • Energy Efficient – Delivers the Most Airflow per Watt
  • Built with Aviation Grade Materials
  • Lightest Big Fans in the World
  • First Class Safety Features
  • Next Generation Direct Drive Motor
  • Advanced Touchscreen Control Systems
  • Integration with BMS systems


Performance per watt focused - TORQ Fans produce the high torque needed for powerful airflow delivery while staying light and consuming minimal energy. 

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