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PIP Air Duct Systems

Properties of Material

It is extremely light in weight, non-toxic, easy-to-clean and fire retardant.
Made from rigid polyurethane foam panel of 20mm
thickness and is faced with a protective 80 micron aluminum foil.
The aluminum foil surface prevents oxidation and corrosion.

Weight Advantages

Easy to dismantle and re-assemble due to the joint design and its light weight. Weight loading is only 1/8 of galvanized steel duct which
makes it a preferred choice.

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PIP Duct Systems

Light Weight Construction

Lighter weight results in better installtion

Non-corrosive Material

The ducts are made with non-corrosive material meant for long lasting use

Air Filtration System

Since the development of this air duct manufacturing process,
it has gained much popularity within the industrial and commercial
air handling application. This is because of its many advantages
over traditional galvanized steel ducting.

Built in Features

Minimum Load Bearing

Easy to Dismantle and Clean

Lasting Aesthetic Appearance

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Thermal Conductivity
0.020 W/m.K
0.033 W/m.K
Whole Weight
1.46 kg/M2
12 kg/M2
Fire Retardance
Grade B2 (Non-inflammable)
Grade A (Non-inflammable)
Aging Resistance
Life Span
15-18 years
8-10 years

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