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Automative Manufacturing

Parts Production, CNC Machine Line, Assembly Line, Finishing Area, Testing Area, etc.

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Automative Manufacturing

'The automotive industry in South East Asia is a vital contributor the the prosperity of our region. Many of the worlds biggest automotive companies have invested significantly into building the impressive production facilities we see today.

Our goal is to help those facilities improve their working environments and staff working comfort.

Common Problems Faced:

Heat emitting from Press Machines tend to get trapped into the factory space
Oil mist build up from coolant oil in CNC Machine can cause discomfort and health issues for staff
Excessive fumes build up from welding process
Lack of ventilation system

our solution:

Open Space Cooling system with unique lightweight PIP ducts to direct cool air directly to worker position
Exhaust systems (ducted or non-ducted) to alleviate heat, smoke and other contaminants
Oil mist collection system to trap excessive oil mist in the atmosphere
Fume collection system that traps fumes through high absorption filters
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Solution's Outcome

Staff feel cooler at their working position
Cleaner and thus safer air quality
Greater air change takes place, the working environment feels less stagnant
Higher productivity due to the better comfort

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