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Food & Beverage

Cooking Vats Area, Boiling/Steaming, Retort Lines, Packing Areas, Bottling Plants, etc.

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Food & Beverage

'Regulatory control of environmental and process standards represent a key factory in the F&B industry. Health and cleanliness requirements are strictly observed to maintain compliance.

With over 15 years of installing systems in strict working conditions, we understand that your workflow and processes are a strict priority when it comes to a successful ventilation system installation.

Common Problems Faced:

Excessive heat emitting from Boiler/Cooking Vats, Filler machine, Retort machine, Dryer Machine
Heat is trapped in the workspace due to lack of ventilation, this can cause the environment to be highly uncomfortable
No filtration system to capture cooking fumes and oils abundant in the atmosphere

our solution:

Open Space Cooling system with unique lightweight PIP ducts to direct cool air directly to worker position
Exhaust systems (ducted or non-ducted) to alleviate heat, smoke and other contaminants
Oil mist collection system to trap excessive oil mist in the atmosphere
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Solution's Outcome

Staff feel cooler at their working position
Less cooking fumes trapped in the atmosphere, easier to breathe in the workspace
Greater air change takes place, the working environment feels less stagnant
Higher productivity due to the better comfort

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