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Metal & Steelworks

Metal Melting Furnace, Metal Mold Casting, Metal Quenching, Cutting, Grinding, Welding Areas, etc.

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Metal & Steelworks

The steelworks industry is regarded as the backbone of any country's industrial economy. Over the years we have worked with manufacturers of all sizes, from large extruders to the smaller workshops. No matter the scope, an effective ventilation system is required for any operations dealing with the arduous task of metal processing.

Common Problems Faced:

Excessive heat emitting from Metal melting furnace process, Metal quenching process
Hazardous fumes generated from the welding process
Dust from Cutting/Grinding process
Have no ventilation system

our solution:

Open Space Cooling system with unique lightweight PIP ducts to direct cool air directly to worker position
Exhaust systems (ducted or non-ducted) to alleviate heat, smoke and other contaminants
Oil mist collection system to trap excessive oil mist in the atmosphere
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Solution's Outcome

Staff feel cooler at their working position
Less fumes trapped in the working atmosphere
Less dust littered in the surrounding work area
Higher productivity due to the better comfort

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