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3 Steps to Cool Down Factory & Industrial Spaces

A more comfortable workspace
Better air quality & higher safety standards
A more effective workforce & lower turnover
Save energy by replacing an existing HVAC system
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Wall Mount Evaporative Cooler Roof Mount Evaporative Cooler Floor Mount Evaporative Cooler Spot Cooling - Air Directed to Individual Workers PIP Air Duct System

We Create Cool, Clean Air

We take air from the surrounding area and turn it into high-quality cool air using an air cooler which works on the principle of evaporative cooling. Compared to the operation cost of air-conditioning, this method only uses 10% of that cost to cool down factory.

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We Channel Air in And Create Air Movement Where Needed

Our experience tells us that workers only experience an optimum cooling sensation if the air can be felt personally. As such, we use a combination of air ducts and air movement devices to ensure the fresh air channeled into the premise reaches all personnel.

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Industrial HVLS Fan/Big Fan Circulates Air Around Evaporative Cooler Provides Cooler Air To The Space Space Cooling Reduce Overall Building Temperature ∆TPTD = Percieved Temaperature Drop Up To ∆T PTD -12˚ C
Cool Down Factory - Spot Cooling

Spot Cooling - Directing Air to Specific Areas of Need

Workers immediately receive cool air from air-diffusers located closely above their position
Fresh, cool air is only served to target areas that need it, avoiding needless energy waste

Space Cooling - Reducing Overall Temperature

Improved overall comfort in & around general premise
Industrial Overhead Fan (HVLS Fans) can be used to ensure air reaches every corner of the building
Ventilates the entire space by dissipating odors, heat and contamination
Cool Down Factory - Space Cooling

We Exhaust Hot & Contaminated Air For Air Change

Bringing fresh air in is important, and so is getting rid of unwanted heat and contamination. We design exhaust systems to continuously extract hot air out to ensure the quality of the air in the area remains cool, fresh and safe.

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Reduce Temperature

Lower the temperature of your factory space by a difference of up to 12°C


Improve Safety Standards

Meet industry safety requirements for air quality and building ventilation


Productive Workforce

Lower heat stress and higher comfort levels will create a more effective workforce


Save on Energy

Replace energy inefficient HVAC and Air Conditioning systems and start seeing a return on investment

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