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Cooljet Fan

(jet Fan)

Cooljet Fan

Experience the long air throw of Cooljets. Create strategic air movement anywhere in your factory.

Cooljet Fan

How Cooljet Fan Works?

Cooljet has a special design fan assembly inside such that when it runs, a large amount of air is entrained from the surrounding area. The air multiplying effect makes total air flow to be 10 to 15 times the amount of air flow at the fan inlet. This large air flow will create a larger area of air movement in the workspace.

Working With
Open Space Cooler

Maximize space cooling performance by combining
Cooljet with Open Space Cooling
Delivers cool air to any location in the workspace
Greater Air Movement eliminates Stale Air
Cooljet Fan Diagram Roof Exhaust Fan - Exhaust Out Bad Air Cooljet Fan - Extends Cool Air Further Open Space Cooler - Create Cool Air & Send to Factory

Sample Projects

Cool Jet Fan’s Performance

Cooljet fan’s

CJ 210
CJ 250
CJ 270
CJ 350
Nominal Airflow
1500 CMH
2500 CMH
3500 CMH
4000 CMH
Distance Throw
14 m
15 m
Velocity at Nozzle
16 m/s
17 m/s
20 m/s
23 m/s
Noise Level at 3m
64 dB (A)
65 dB (A)
60 dB (A)
65 dB (A)
Motor Power
170 W
190 W
308 W
500 W

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