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Factory Exhaust System

Removes Hot Air And Pollutants Out Of Your Factory Space Using Custom Exhaust Ducts, Leaving A Cleaner, Safer And More Comfortable Work Environment.

Removes heat, smoke, fumes, and harmful chemicals
Custom design exhaust duct system built specifically for you
Exhaust hoods or air grilles are placed directly over pollutant sources
Centrifugal/axial fans provide necessary suction power

A solution for production facilities with excess heat and pollution.

The ducted factory exhaust systems extracts contamination and heat from specific areas of your factory and directs them outside your premise using a series of custom built air ducts. This allows you to have a cleaner, more comfortable and safer work environment for your operations to take place.

Effectively extracts:


Built Specifically For You

Our design engineers understand that every workspace is different. They consider many factors such as your operations workflow, machine types, physical obstructions, etc. before providing you with a professionally designed exhaust duct system that is optimized for your working scenario.

Powerful Extraction

Depending on the static pressure and airflow required by your exhaust duct design, the factory exhaust system is powered by either an Axial or a Centrifugal industrial-grade performance fan. Our design always ensures that enough suction power is present to remove heat and pollutants out.

Model Axial Series
Axial Series
Airflow m³/h
Up to 150,000
Static Pressure (Pa)
Up to 1,200
Motor ( kW )
Electrical Supply 
Model Axial Series
Centrifugal Series
Airflow m³/h
Up to 100,000
Static Pressure (Pa)
Up to 3,000
Motor ( kW )
Electrical Supply 

Compatible with Fume Filtration Systems

Capture and contain smoke/fumes released from metal works such as welding, grinding, cutting processes, etc. Pair the ducted exhaust system with our Centralized Fume Collector system to contain such contaminants and to avoid releasing unnecessary pollution into your surroundings.

Built to reduce your pollution and improve your surrounding environment's health and welfare.

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One Unit. Multiple Extraction Points.

A single High Performance Fume Collector extracts the fumes discharged by several welding stations through a hooded duct system.

Applicable For a Wide Range of Industries

The Factory Exhaust System is applicable to many industries. Speak to an expert to understand the specific applications for your industry today.

Heat and fumes from food & beverage production
Smoke from welding, cutting, grinding and other metal works
Smoke and gases released from plastic injection
Harmful gases from chemical production

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Design, Installation & Service

Expert Design

Our design and engineering team has over 20 years of experience designing factory cooling and ventilation systems.

In every Waterline design, the goal is to ensure human thermal comfort despite facing varying climatic and environmental heat challenges in the surrounding.

Professional Installation

Our installation teams strictly observe a set of guidelines under Waterline Standards & Safety that ensure safety to customer building, equipment and staff.

On request, installation can be carried out during non-production hours so that minimum disruption to customer operation can be maintained.

After-Sales Service

"Waterline strongly believes that every component of our cooling system should always be running at its full potential.

We have a dedicated service team that provides continuous system maintenance and parts replacement in order to guarantee optimum performance to our customers."


Reduce Temperature

Feel less hot and humid in your factory space


Improve Safety Standards

Meet industry safety requirements for air quality and building ventilation


Productive Workforce

Lower heat stress and higher comfort levels will create a more effective workforce


Extend Machine Lifespan

Reduces the operational temperature of machines and equipment, prolonging their lifespan.

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