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A good working environment needs a strong foundation, and that is high quality air in the atmosphere. We supply cool air to your factory using evaporative cooling.
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Open Space Cooling

Open Space Cooling is an innovative concept used to supply cool air and cool industrial workspaces down to an optimum comfort level. We use our signature Open Space Cooler units to take the hot and dry air in the atmosphere and turn it into cool, fresh air using evaporative cooling technology.

How The Open Space Cooler Works

1. In operation, a water pump circulates water from the water basin to the top of the cooling media keeping it wet all the time.

Supply Cool Air To Factory via Evaporative Cooler
Fan drawn hot air through
Cooling Media,
Produces cool air.
2. The running fan causes the outside warm air to be drawn into the cooler passing through the cooling media.

Air passing through
Cooling Media
3. As the air passes the wet media, water is made to evaporate. It is this evaporation, known as the latent Heat of Evaporation that causes the air to be cooled via Evaporative Cooling.

Science Behind It

To put it simply, Evaporative Cooling uses fresh water to reduce air temperature – specifically it uses the evaporation of water. When water evaporates there is a natural release of heat into the atmosphere, this reduces the temperature of the molecules close by.

 In the atmosphere, “latent” or “hidden” energy exists. One of the forms is the latent heat of evaporation. When water is made to change its state from liquid to vapor, the water molecules break their hydrogen bonds, a process that calls for tremendous heat. This heat naturally comes from the latent energy of the atmosphere. This is the foundation of Open Space Cooling and how we supply cool air to industrial spaces.

Feels 12°C Cooler Than Outside

Creates a cooling sensation as low as ΔTPTD-12°C depending on atmospheric conditions.

*ΔTPTD is perceived temperature drop

More Cost Efficient Than Traditional Air Conditioning

Open Space Cooling
Air Conditioning
Installation Cost
Operation Cost

Flexible Installation of Evaporative Cooling Systems

Open Space cooler units are able to be installed in various areas of your environment; namely on the ground, the side of a building and on the roof of the building. This allows us to supply cool air to your factory from any angle.

Open Space Cooler
Ensuring Clean Air Air Cooler Wall G4 Air Filterwith Enclosure Booster Fan

Ensuring Clean Air

Ensuring Clean Air Air Cooler Wall G4 Air Filterwith Enclosure Booster Fan

The Open Space Cooling system can be applied in conjunction with the three common class of air filtration namely the G4, M5, and F7 classes. Many workspaces are required to be totally enclosed in order to be free from any atmospheric contamination. The quality of the supplied air into space must also follow the safety standards required.

The most common and economical method is to use our G4 air filtration unit which will remove 80% of the airborne particles large than 10 micro sizes (the size of flower pollen). The G4 class air filter is made of a synthetic material which is replaceable.

Class G4 Filter