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Spot Cooling

Spot Cooling PIP Air Duct System Floor Mount Air Cooler PIP Drop Ductwith Air Diffuser

When cool air is sent directly to specific areas in need of air, we call this method Spot Cooling. This means we design an air duct system that distributes air directly onto any machine, equipment or personnel that required being cooled.

Spot cooling cools the specific areas where workers and equipment are generally fixed.
Objective is to provide maximum thermal comfort to workers.
Depending on the array of workers and heat source present, we select specific types of air diffusers to ensure optimum cooling.
Effective when heat source is distributed all over
Spot Cooling PIP Air Duct System Floor Mount Air Cooler PIP Drop Ductwith Air Diffuser
Factory Air Circulation -  Space Cooling

Space Cooling

When cool air is only directed to the general space in order to reduce the overall temperature, we call this Space Cooling. With this method, the cool air being channeled in will displace the hot and contaminated air out of the environment, creating a cooler environment within the building. This approach also works best when Air Circulation is created, using devices such as CoolJets and Industrial HVLS Fans (Big Fans) to ensure that the air reaches to the personnel or equipment in need.

Space cooling is appropriate when the location of workers is not fixed.
Objective is to reduce the all-round heat of the environment.
Effective when heat source is confined or controlled.

Key Consideration Made

Atmospheric Condition :
- Indoor/Outdoor Temperature & Humidity
- Internal/ External Heat Source
- Wind Direction

Building Factors:
- Ceiling Height
- Physical Obstruction
- Location Activity
- Number of Workers