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Our factory cooling solutions help alleviate the heat stress created by internal operations and the local climate, helping you run your operations with greater efficiency, safety, and comfort.

Custom Factory Cooling Solutions

Built exactly to your needs.
Every space is unique. We offer a wide variety of ventilation systems and products to best fit our customers' specific applications and requirements. Speak to a Waterline expert today to understand which solution works best for your space and operations.
Our Value

Your partner in improving worker safety and comfort.

Our ambition is to improve the livelihood of workers in our region, we work closely with you to improve your indoor air quality, ambient air temperature and general worker comfort. The depth and breadth of our experience means we’ve likely seen your current challenges before – and we’ve probably already solved it.

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Ventilation Expertise

Our 20-plus years of ventilation experience reduces your technical and financial risk.


We get it, no one solution is the same. That's why our team of knowledgeable and experienced engineers will design a solution that will solve your specific problems.

True After Sales Service Support

Whether you need a quick repair done or a full maintenace service session completed, our Waterline service team is only a phone call away.

Scalable Integration

Whether you need a simple component or turnkey system, we ensure all elements work together flawlessly.

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Industry-wide Applications

Automative Manufacturing

Parts Production, CNC Machine Line, Assembly Line, Finishing Area, Testing Area, etc.
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Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Cooking Vats Area, Boiling/Steaming, Retort Lines, Packing Areas, Bottling Plants, etc.
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Metal & Steelworks

Metal Melting Furnace, Metal Mold Casting, Metal Quenching, Cutting, Grinding, Welding Areas, etc.
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Plastic Packaging Manufacturing

Plastic Extrusions, Heating, Gravure Printing, etc.
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Warehousing & Logistic Centers

Central Distribution Facilities, Storage High Racking Areas, Fast Moving Loading Zones, etc.
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Textiles Manufacturing

Garment, Fabric Production, Weaving Lines, Knitting Lines, Dying, etc.
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Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical Mixing Area, Tire Building Areas, Tire Curing Oven Areas, Finishing Areas, etc.
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Clean Room

Food & Beverage Production, Filling and Packing Areas, Clean Rooms that require High Levels of Filtration, etc.
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We Are System Integrators

With over 20 years of Factory Cooling & Ventilation experience, our dedicated team of engineers have the design expertise to know the appropriate solutions for a variety of industrial cooling needs. Our capabilities also include the application of CFD software which gives accurate prediction of air performance under any given condition.

For a truly well-ventilated, comfortable and safe working space, a total balanced ventilation approach must be taken.
Read our simple 3 step guide on how to tackle factory heat issues >

Our Products

The range of equipment we provide are either produced by us or by our partner OEM manufacturers. Our equipment always performs at maximum performance with uncompromising durability, guaranteeing a first in class Factory Cooling & Ventilation System.

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Professional After-Sales Service

Our dedication to your satisfaction extends beyond the sale. Our expert technicians are on standby for maintenance, troubleshooting, and technical support. We're committed to keeping your ventilation systems running smoothly, so you can focus on your core operations. Your peace of mind is our priority.
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Come and experience the Waterline solution and products with our experience engineers guiding you through the each and every step of the process. To ensure our customers grasp the full experience and provide a better understanding, so you can make an informed opinion of our product and services before proceeding to purchase. 

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