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Factory Cooling & Ventilation System

Supplies cool air to any industrial environment including factories, production facilities, storage areas, warehouses and more.

Delivers cool air as low as 21˚ to 30˚ degrees Celsius
Custom design air duct system delivers cool air directly to the working postion of staff or equipment
Dramatically improves comfort and working conditions of factory staff
Operating costs only an estimated 10% of HVAC (air conditioning) system

Meet the Open Space Cooling system

The Open Space Cooling system is a factory cooling and ventilation method that uses Evaporative Cooling to produce cool air. It combines this with a unique lightweight insulated air duct system to deliver the cool air inside the factory workspace.

This a proven method that has created cooler, more comfortable, and safer factory working environments across many different industries.

Evaporative Cooling Technology + Customized Air Duct System

The Open Space Cooling System utlizes outside air from outside to produce cool air - it filters the air to produce cleaner air before cooling it down through Evaporative Cooling. The Evaporative Cooler unit then sends the cool air into the air ducts using a high powered in-built fan. The cool air travels through a series of lightweight air ducts that are insulated to keep the cool air cold.

These air ducts are customized specfically for your work space and can deliver cool air directly onto your worker/equipment position. Your staff workers can feel the cool air immediately while working throughout the day.

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High Performance Evaporative Coolers

Superior quality cooling pads produce better cooling results
Industrial grade plastic ensures longer lifetime
External filter keeps debris and small insects out of your system
Can be mounted on the side and or the top of your building
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Industrial Air Duct System

Extremely lightweight
Insulation quality that will keep the cool air cold
Easy to remove and clean
Long lasting aesthetics - does not rust or oxidize
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Delivers a breathe of fresh cool air

Supply air performance of the Open Space Cooling system depends on the outside atmospheric conditions. It is able to take the outside air and reduce the temperature down by a potential 10˚ degrees Celsius depending on the outside relative humidity. As a general rule, the dryer and hotter the outside conditions, the better the cooling performance.

In typical South East Asia conditions, the supply air temperature can range from 21˚ to 30˚ degrees Celsius.

How does it ensure clean air supply?

Compatible With Air Filtration Unit

The Open Space Cooling system includes Air Filtration Units to ensure that the air supplied is clean. It is compatible with a wide array of coarse, fine and HEPA filters and can conform to a majority of filtration efficiencies based on the application requirements.

An Energy Saving Alternative To HVAC (Air-Conditioning)

The electricity consumed in the Open Space Cooler is exceptionally small, almost all of which is used into conveying the cool air through the air distribution system. Consequently, the electrical consumption in evaporative heat exchanging can be as little as 10% compared to Air Conditioning. This allows our customers to lower their energy bill significantly if they replace their existing HVAC system with the Open Space Cooling system

Open Space Cooling
Air Conditioning
Installation Cost
Operation Cost

Fully customized cool air delivery

We understand that every workspace is different. Factors such as operational workflow, building layout and worker/equipment positions must be carefully considered. As such, we provide a free professional consultation and design service to ensure that the design of your Open Space Cooling system is fully optimized to ensure efficient and effective delivery of cool air to the critical areas.

Applicable for a wide range of industries

The Open Space Cooling system is applicable to many other industries. Speak to an expert to understand the specific applications for your industry today
Food & Beverage
Automotive Industry
Paper & Plastic Packaging
Textiles & Clothing

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Design, Installation & Service

Expert Design

Our design and engineering team has over 20 years of experience designing factory cooling and ventilation systems.

In every Waterline design, the goal is to ensure human thermal comfort despite facing varying climatic and environmental heat challenges in the surrounding.

Professional Installation

Our installation teams strictly observe a set of guidelines under Waterline Standards & Safety that ensure safety to customer building, equipment and staff.

On request, installation can be carried out during non-production hours so that minimum disruption to customer operation can be maintained.

After-Sales Service

"Waterline strongly believes that every component of our cooling system should always be running at its full potential.

We have a dedicated service team that provides continuous system maintenance and parts replacement in order to guarantee optimum performance to our customers."


Reduce Temperature

Lower the temperature of your factory space by a difference of up to 12°C


Improve Safety Standards

Meet industry safety requirements for air quality and building ventilation


Productive Workforce

Lower heat stress and higher comfort levels will create a more effective workforce


Save on Energy

Replace energy inefficient HVAC and Air Conditioning systems and start seeing a return on investment

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