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TORQ™ Series Big Fan

(High Volume Low Speed Fan, HVLS Fan)

Economic, Lightweight, Powerful.

Waterline TORQ Big Fans offer supreme airflow and comfort from a minimally sleek design. This engineering marvel of a fan is equipped with advanced Brushless Direct Current Motor technology that provides the high torque needed to produce an air coverage of up to a massive 1,800m² despite being the lightest fan on the market. 

The TORQ Series gives you improved comfort and breathability in your space, all while using a fraction of the energy used in previous generation Big Fans, leaving you with more cash in your pocket.

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Built with Higher Standards

Lighter weight design for enhanced safety without compromising power
Premium quality aircraft-grade materials for superior durability
Powerful air movement for efficient and widespread cooling
Advanced control systems with modern functionality

The Most Practical Way of Producing Large Airflow

The High Volume Low Speed Fan (HVLS), also known as Big Fan, is capable of sending large volumes of air downwards with its uniquely edged blade profile, all while operating at a speed no more than 65 RPM. When the slow-moving air column hits the floor, it changes course and creates a ‘floor jet’ that moves outward in a 360° direction. It continues to move along on ground level until it meets the walls, changing direction once again and then moving vertically upwards. 

This tremendous movement of air covers the workspace and ensures that all personnel and equipment are constantly cooled down.

A Breakthrough in Big Fan Design


Equipped with an incredibly light motor, our standard three-bladed TORQGo model weighs a mere 79 kilograms - keeping the load placed on any ceiling structure to a minimum.

How Low Can You Go?

Compatible with down-rods up to 7 meters long, the TORQ series brings the airflow closer to the ground than any other Big Fan

Keeping Things Safe.

Uniquely designed vibration isolation system eliminates the transmission of excessive vibration onto the building stucture, keeping everything securely in place.

No Compromise In Material.

We proudly make our Big Fans from high-grade extruded aluminum alloys of no less than 6061-T6 quality - making this the most durable option in the market.

The Most Energy Saving Fan In The World

Developed in the USA, the TORQ series combines powerful yet impressively lightweight brushless direct-drive motors that generate high levels of torque while only consuming minimal levels of energy. Couple this with its smartly designed lightweight fan structure, our flagship three-bladed model produces a massive 280,000 CMH while only consuming 500 watts – making this the highest CMH per watt Big Fan available anywhere.

Now that’s special.

A Big Fan designed to reduce your electrical bill.

Waterline TORQGo
Wall Hanging Fan
Floor Fan
Units Required to Cover 1,400m²
Total Operating kW
0.5 kW
12 kW
12 kW
Operation Cost
฿20 / 10 hours
฿480 / 10 hours
฿480 / 10 hours
Is this Energy Saving?

No Maintenance Required. Ever.

Unlike traditional Big Fans equipped with geared AC motors, the gearless direct driven TORQ series represents a generational leap in its product category. No gears mean no oil, and no oil means you don’t need to carry out costly periodic maintenance to check for leakages or perform oil replenishment – saving you the extra time, energy, and additional expenses of doing so.

Additional Features

High Bay Light Option

TORQ Big Fan series offers the option of attaching an industrial High Bay LED light under its frame to illuminate the surrounding space.

Anti-Drop Plate

In the unlikely event that the fan blade is dislodged, it will be secured to the fan assembly by the Anti-Drop Steel Cable and Anti-Drop Plate.

Adaptive Baseplate Mount

Fan unit can be securely mounted on any industrial building truss/ceiling including circular, rectangular, I-Beam, and concrete type.

Different Size, Different Usage


A compact sized Big Fan that produces rapid airflow. A perfect fit for tight spaces. This is not your average ceiling fan.
Recommended Height : 4 - 6 m above ground
Diameter: 3.1 / 3.5 m
5 Blades
Covers 300 m²


Big Airflow, Low Energy Consumption. The economy model designed to cut your Big Fan electrical bill in less than half.
Recommended Height : 6 - 10 m above ground
Diameter: 5.0 / 6.1 m
3 / 5 Blades
Covers 1,300 m²


The full performance package - moves an incredible amount of air with its powerful high-torque DC motor.
Recommended Height : 6 - 13 m above ground
Diameter: 7.5 m
6 Blades
Covers 1,800 m²

Advanced Fan Control

Multi Fan Control

A single wall controller unit can control up to 32 fans individually. This saves your space, time and reduces your initial investment.

Automatic Start Stop Capability

Save time by programming the fan operation ahead of time according to your daily schedule.

Temperature Adaptive

Ability to adapt the speed of the fan according to the local room temperature. Automatically adjust RPM faster or slower when required.

BMS Connectivity

Allows connection to your local network for centralized control via a BMS control system.
Control multiple fans with a single controller unit

Appropriate For

Industrial Areas:

Packaging Areas
Assembly/Production Areas
Goods-in-Transit Areas
Car Workshops

Commercial Areas:

Semi-Outdoor Shopping Malls
Eating Areas
Sports Clubs
Canopy Areas
Religious Areas

Why The TORQ Big Fan Series Represents The Smarter Choice

Waterline TORQ Series

Other DC (PMSM) Types

Traditional AC Types

Energy Saving

Waterline TORQ Series
Yes, able to produce high torque at minimal energy consumption levels
Other DC (PMSM) Types
No, remains at 1.1kw and outputs low torque
Traditional AC Types
No, remains at 1.5kw


Waterline TORQ Series
Yes, flagship model TORQGo weights only 79kg
Other DC (PMSM) Types
No, still remains heavy in excess of 120kg or more
Traditional AC Types
No, heaviest in the market

Safely Achieve Long Down-Rod?

Waterline TORQ Series
Yes, as long as 7 meters
Other DC (PMSM) Types
No, Unsecure beyond 3 meters
Traditional AC Types
No, Unsecure beyond 3 meters

Compatible with LED Light

Waterline TORQ Series
Yes, compatible with Waterline LED Highbay Lights
Other DC (PMSM) Types
No, Incompatible
Traditional AC Types
No, Incompatible

Free of Maintenance?

Waterline TORQ Series
Other DC (PMSM) Types
Traditional AC Types
No, inspection and oil-change required periodically

Silent Operation

Waterline TORQ Series
Other DC (PMSM) Types
Traditional AC Types
No, remains loud

Installing a Big Fan is a big task

Many physical and situational factors can affect the model you choose. Speak to one of our Big Fan specialists now to receive a free professional consultation and site visit.

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