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PIP Air Duct System

(Insulated Air Ducts)

Properties of Material

Insulated Air Ducts are extremely light in weight, non-toxic, easy-to-clean and fire retardant. Made from rigid polyurethane foam panel of 20mm thickness and is faced with a protective 80 micron aluminum foil. The aluminum foil surface prevents oxidation and corrosion.

Weight Advantages

Easy to dismantle and re-assemble due to the joint design and its light weight. Weight loading is only 1/8 of galvanized steel duct which makes it a preferred choice.

Insulated Air Ducts - PIP Air Duct System

versatile in application, aesthetically Pleasing

Manufactured completely in-house, our modular PIP Air Ducts allow us to design an airflow system that can direct and channel air in and around your space, overcoming any obstructions in the way.  

Five Advantages of PIP Duct over Galvanized (GI) Duct

1. Less Load on Building Structure

PIP Ducts are 8 times lighter than GI Ducts. An entire network of PIP Ducts will put significantly less weight on your ceiling structure than GI ducts.

2. No Air Leakage

Air leakage can occur at the GI duct forming joints. This not only reduces the air flow to the points where cool air is intended for but also reduces the internal pressure needed for the system to work optimally.

3. It Will Never Rust

GI Ducts may form rust over an extended period of time. The PIP ducts are steel-free and are layered with aluminum foil. It will never rust and will keep its good-looking aesthetics over time.

4. Keeps the Air Cool

The insulated panels of a PIP duct system will keep the air it transports fresher and cooler. In a GI duct system, heat may penetrate the air in the system more easily.

5. Low Noise Level

A PIP system is significantly quieter than a GI duct system. The internal insulation of the PIP is able to keep noise to a low decibel.

Sample Projects


Thermal Conductivity
0.020 W/m.K
0.033 W/m.K
Whole Weight
1.46 kg/M2
12 kg/M2
Fire Retardance
Grade B2 (Non-inflammable)
Grade A (Non-inflammable)
Aging Resistance
Life Span
15-18 years
8-10 years

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